Monday, April 16, 2012

"Sunlight" at the end of the The Cherry Orchard . :)

Name: Simran kaur.
That’s sweet name.

Features: Tiny with long black hair with those strange Neptune light in her brown eyes.
Sun sign: Pisces
Age:   you’re not supposed to ask this question to any girl..?
Soon enough, a crazy little girl who one could have easily mistaken for a kid from the middle school, was seen jumping around with haiku, poems, blogs & senior blocks, rapidly making friends with seniors & bloggers.
BUT apart from being beautiful & regular blogger, she is a LOT of other things. For instance…
1) She is sweet; cute …She smiles genuinely and trusts me that has the cutest, most adorable smile EVER. :)
2) She is delightfully vague & dreamy & mature.
3) Creative
4) Good grasping potential
5) She is BEAUTIFUL. Mesmerizing, innocent, charming. You. She is pretty and cute, and that my friends, is a very rare combination. :)

Simran Kaur you have NO idea how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life.
And today is your Birthday.
I know today your getting flood of wish messages, gifts.
So here comes your bday cake & gifts...
Wish you a Happy Birthday Simran ..All your dreams comes true.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

cotton candy

When I was child used to think clouds made up of 99.98% cotton candy. If I could, I would climb a ladder to the clouds and eat them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

copy of Magic Dimension.

Sometimes its good to be back into dreamland rather than going anywhere as a modern-day slave.
                                 Our usual day start with regular breakfast stuff and then leading towards office destination. Her usual day also start with same routine but she used to read inspirational Books. By reading this book she  learned more about human trafficking than I expected. And in the spirit of friendship, she  sent me a copy of Magic Dimension. 

Coming soon Magic dimension.........................

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Death by chocolate.........................

Hey Peeps,
How are you?
I know your answer will be "fine”  ... (i know some sort of mindreading).

on my way back to home .i was in hurry but suddenly got stopped by some spicy,fresh,n uff so hot vada pav ..they just telling me take me home .....
no doubt I can’t deny them.
Aha Mumbai vada pav with hot n pungent chutney with tangy imli chutney & green fried chilies...  I’m all happy..Im done with my part
Then got noticed a signboard
“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.”  ~Ernestine Ulmer.

And if I may complement this piece of prudent wisdom “… courtesy to my darling death by chocolate.

Ummmmmmmmmm ………..
Sangeeta I miss u that time but for fraction of seconds..I thought it wld be better I concentrate fully on divine death by chocolate …. (Shoot me)

Because after you have tasted this true piece of heaven, whatever may come after those will just be________?
 Its so intense and exquisite creation...that you can’t can’t ignore it… trust me .
First, I want to say WOW! Yummmmmmm .ummmmmmmmmmmmm.
Let me splurge the last bite ………… um it’s truly heaven …
I bet this melting brown grip will holds you firmly & will give you another world experience.

And now dear death by chocolate … is it already time to say goodbye you? It seems like it was just a few days back I was saying Hello to you and you said you were looking forward to paint me with vivid brown yummy color. And I gave you permission without any hesitation. Yeh dark fantasy I can understand you even me also feel the same unusual feeling…to be get separated from you (not forever my honey). No matter how hard I try to capture at least parts of it, to make it last just a little longer it seems the faster they slip away…. Umm but I promise you my dark trap I will come again n get..............___ __ !!!!!!!!!!!!