Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soo many things to post

Just need to find time to update. Soo many things to post, so little time to do so. Sigh.

Whoever said that plenty of fish in the sea thing was lying. Sometimes, there’s only one fish. Trust me.’ – Ally Mcbeal

 People are always saying things like ‘Watch what you say to people ‘cause it might be the last thing you say to them.’ There are bumper stickers too – ‘Tell the people you love that you love them ‘cause they may not be around forever’ and on and on.

My heart was broken
The sky fell on my head
Nothing could console me
Not even Nutella on bread.

I was recently in that place – I believed that someone else had my fish. Because believe me, I looked in several ponds. But I decided I didn’t have the energy to fight. And even if she did drop what I thought was mine, I didn’t want to pick it up.