Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Career and work have been a priority.

If you are in a bad relationship , and you are unable to get away, nearly like some terrible binding rope, you cant live without it and you cannot live with it situation, some awful drug which has you in its clutches, then slowly work it out of your system.

For me there is no destination, it’s just the journey. Life is like an unfinished painting.”



Vivek said...

There are 2ways one can choose ,

1) Be in the relation and making it good by your constant effort

2) Or Deciding its time to move on looking @ the state the relation is in .

There might be a state when one doesn't want to move on as one is too much attached to other irrespective of the torture he/she going through.

The best way to a bad relation , 1st try to make it happen or else move on.

sHoNa said...

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