Saturday, August 13, 2011

life is based on creative expression

life is based on creative expression   

I Strongly believe life is based on creative expression..Wheather its spiritual, physical, musical or intellectual...its all filled with expressions.

Creativity is not limited but creation is limited.

Product is limited but resources is limited we have to bring into being its existence.
Like day & night are the expressions of universe in similar manner death & Birth & Death are the expressions of spirit. So u still thinks Birth terminated by Death?

I would say of course not. I can say time & space are two non analogous events maintain our birth-death fluidity & spontaneity .time & space were two precincts but not restrictions. And this two spirit makes & unmakes Birth & Death expressions.
So for those who think their life is worse& awful….so criticising it…just accept it because it’s infinite creation of Spirit.


Jidhu Jose said...

Creativity is not limited but creation is limited.

sulekkha said...

Great thoughts and a lovely post. Acceptance is the first step towards living a happy life.

Mohinee said...

Very creative. I really loved your blog and way of expression, Sonalee. :)

Simran said...

A very thoughtful and brilliant
post,Sonali :)..

sHoNa said...
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sHoNa said...

thx jidhu,sulekha n sim n mohinee...for ur comments ...As always thanks reading and commenting.Love always...:)

abhinav said...

nice post !!! very adequate depiction of changes one sees from birth(birth of venus by Botticelli ) to death (coffin picture)... different shades(color pencils and rain) ... truly brilliant !!!


sHoNa said...

thx abhinav fr your valuable comment