Tuesday, January 3, 2012

fair enough

Sometimes in life assumptions are good.
i am crazy & don’t understand why other ppl avoid it.

Some times its really humiliating to expect appreciation from your rude boss.
its like pigmentation & you don’t have whitening cream...strange but true..

Life is supposed to be adventures, exciting ...but shld not be monotonous... i mean not everyday struggle...
Huuhhh...it’s so tiring..... it seams like life is outsourced for humiliation & ooghh series of endless struggle...


Simran said...

Agree with you!
Life must be full of changes that could make us meet with every phase!

Do not take too much stress.Take some leave and forget damn work n office!
I know how it conquer the happiness of professional as well as personal life!

sHoNa said...

simran lovely to see you here and read my post. Thank you so much