Monday, April 16, 2012

"Sunlight" at the end of the The Cherry Orchard . :)

Name: Simran kaur.
That’s sweet name.

Features: Tiny with long black hair with those strange Neptune light in her brown eyes.
Sun sign: Pisces
Age:   you’re not supposed to ask this question to any girl..?
Soon enough, a crazy little girl who one could have easily mistaken for a kid from the middle school, was seen jumping around with haiku, poems, blogs & senior blocks, rapidly making friends with seniors & bloggers.
BUT apart from being beautiful & regular blogger, she is a LOT of other things. For instance…
1) She is sweet; cute …She smiles genuinely and trusts me that has the cutest, most adorable smile EVER. :)
2) She is delightfully vague & dreamy & mature.
3) Creative
4) Good grasping potential
5) She is BEAUTIFUL. Mesmerizing, innocent, charming. You. She is pretty and cute, and that my friends, is a very rare combination. :)

Simran Kaur you have NO idea how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life.
And today is your Birthday.
I know today your getting flood of wish messages, gifts.
So here comes your bday cake & gifts...
Wish you a Happy Birthday Simran ..All your dreams comes true.


Mohinee said...

So Simran, with beautiful cake..

Happy Birthday Simran..

Simran said...

So sweet of you Shona!
I'm so happy to see your love .. :-)
Even I'm blessed to have you.. who everytime listen and advice me the best!

Thank you so much for praising me with this special post!
Love you!

Mohinee- Thank you so much Mohu <3

Someone is Special said...

the cake is so sweet and the profile too.. Loved it so much Shona...

sHoNa said...

thx mohineeji for droppin by

sHoNa said...

thx simran .

sHoNa said...

thx sarvana, glad u liked it