Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Other Day

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i dont know which god sent me.

But just landed on Lotus leaf
i asked them who sent me here ...?
they replied..
your not supposed to ask this question...
You mean to ask about what is within you.
But i didnt know i was alive.

i yelled...i can't see anything..
they replied
How is that you didnt see ?
I shocked ....
All i can still do is fall into the world
and on my way back his deep eyes hint me..
You are the Darkness,you are the silence...

Then suddenly death whispered in my ear .
that i will turn into an actor who is going to die,really die in the last act.
i was dancing no net night after night on the loose wire
and suddenlly death hit with my loneliness,
and finally i realised ...
death ,the one keep fleeing from,will be coming to your side......
matching your every step..
i exposed myself to death , just to see The other day.


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sHoNa said...
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Simran said...

It was so sweet to imagine the whole as a climax :)..
You are the darkness ,you are the silence ..but you have to be bright and you have to break this silence..Adding these lines to your post as God's words! :D
P.S. Nice pic :)

Aashish Sood said...

the use of words for dark and light, sound and silence etc seems so very nice!


Read mine at The Other Day

Sureindran said...

Nice post. Like the way you ended the post with "the other day". Keep writing.

Sureindran - The Other Day

Someone is Special said...

imagination... I exposed myself to death, just to see The Other Day.. I love your words.. Wanna know what happened the other day?

Someone is Special

Leo said...

Beautiful poetry and image :) Well written!

Leo said...

PS: Your timestamp is incorrect. Please change it to the BAT date.

sHoNa said...

thx simran ..

sHoNa said...

thx simran ..

D2 said...

The world you created was quite an interesting one. God and Death almost came together in getting you across.
Nice work.
All the best for BAT.

sHoNa said...

thx D2.
Thx for droppin by.

aativas said...

Exposing to death to see the other day ..those were brilient lines.

sHoNa said...

Thx aativas.

Viyoma said...

Brilliant take. Very intense.

Nikhil Patokar said...

born again to see the other day in other world :)


Though choice to make--- wife or Peace of mind...
Find out what happened - The Other Day on my blog -THE SILENT WORDS

sHoNa said...

thx Viyoma & Nikhil for your valuable comments..

JIM said...

Your writing style is very personal, I enjoy the rhythm and words!! I really love the image also!!

sHoNa said...

hey thx jim for your comment,
this is my pic ,clicked by me.