Thursday, June 16, 2011

happiest people

i would prefer being a animal instead of human being in my next birth..... they dont run behind money, they stay in nature

"The happiest people are usually the most unrealistic ones।"

their only greed is live for life, no office, no boss, n they have super instincts, they sence natural calamities..... etc so animals r way smarter than us.... no doubts


JIM said...

lol You would save a ton on clothes also!!!! A win win !!

Simran said...

Well pointed out! they don't have any work load ,they enjoy and they do whatever they want!

Rimly said...

This reminds me of that saying :the more I see of men I more I admire dogs". :))

sHoNa said...

thx all just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for your valuable comments..
thx simran ....
Completely agree with JIM...A win win !!
@Rimly :... LOL ::))